Robert ian bonnick


Robert Ian Bonnick has danced for M-People, Womack and Womack, recruited for Madonna and modeled alongside Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Eva Herzigová. He has also travelled the globe living in destinations such as London, Sydney, and Milan.

An inspiring story full of useful strategies and learning methodologies to ensure your teams reach their greatest potential. Rob is a storyteller, with a magician like quality. His ability to MC an event or host a crowd is second to none, and I would mark him as the next big star in the speaking industry. I really wanted a wild card on my team to bring fresh new talent to the industry. With the potential of a shining supernova, Rob was my pick.
— Rebecca Tapp – CEO of The Supernova Tribe

As the main promoter for Australia's most iconic venues and parties, it would be easy to dismiss Rob as one of the ‘lucky few' who has rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous. In reality, luck has had nothing to do with Robs success.

Growing up in an orphanage between the ages of two and eighteen, Rob did not get a running start in the game of life. In addition to the initial challenges of not having a family, Rob was faced a choice. Would he choose to reflect and follow the path of fellow orphans who ended up in jail or dead? Or, instead choose to step into his greatest potential as a human being?

As a speaker and MC, Rob is a born entertainer bringing grace and charisma to any corporate stage. He has hosted events for the globes biggest stars, and has mastered the art of influence when it comes to connecting people, and engaging audiences.

Rob is deeply passionate about providing people with the tools that enable self-reflection and awareness. After all, the reflection of ourselves that we hide from is more often than not, the fuel that ignites our greatest potential as a human being.

Despite the scars of a troubled youth, Rob has used his pain to embrace purpose, and today is a passionate advocate for youth at risk, overcoming adversity and standing united in diversity. After all, it is not life's circumstances that define who we become, but the wise words of the ‘man in the mirror'.



What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see the reflection of your greatest potential? In this presentation, participants are taught the skills to awaken a level of self-awareness, in order to reframe limiting belief systems and behaviors that inhibit the ability to step into their greatest potential personally and professionally.

Through key learning methodologies, participants will walk away from this presentation, more able to take responsibility for the outcome of decisions, rather than external conditions. This enables participants to feel more engaged in their lives, aligned with purpose, and empowered in creating a fulfilling and happy life.

Whether you are an individual soul searching, a professional looking for career advancement or a leader looking to inspire, all the keys to success start with you...and the man in the mirror.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand the keys to activating your potential.
  • Develop a focus to enhance performance.
  • Gain clarity of purpose.
  • Understand the roadblocks to personal performance.
  • Strategies to develop resilience and overcome adversity.


With years of experience as a model, actor and dancer Robert Ian Bonnick is an accomplished entertainer on a global scale. He has played host to the stars as the promoter for Australia's leading entertainment venues, making him the perfect choice to MC or host your next corporate event.

Rob has an innate ability to walk into a room and command attention with a charismatic nature, comic flair, and an ability to engage any audience. As an entertainer himself he also understands the importance running a tight run sheet and ensuring an event run seamlessly and on time.

Whether you need an MC for an awards night or a facilitator for your conference, Ron has worked with people from all walks of life. You can expect an accomplished presenter, with attention to detail and a passion for engaging your audience. He is fun, personable and someone you want on your events team.

Key Outcomes

  • Experienced performer
  • Comfortable with corporate or non-corporate audiences
  • Tailors topics to suit