Catherine van der Meulen

Based in Sydney, Australia, Catherine is a global conscious business consultant, coach and innovator, expert brand and marketing manager, author and esteemed keynote speaker. Collaborating with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and innovators, Catherine aims to advise, facilitate and empower clients to discover and implement revolutionary change within their business to achieve holistic success and growth.

Growing up immersed in the competitive fashion trade, Catherine made her industry debut in the mega brand family business, Australian retailer SUPRÉ. Benefitting from over a decade of experience absorbed in the highly volatile nature of the textile trade and fashion industry, Catherine emerged armed with a plethora of entrepreneurial skills and finely tuned intuitive abilities that would prove advantageous throughout her career.

Driven by her insatiable desire for knowledge and a growing awareness of social responsibility, Catherine is living on her purpose of creating holistic business models underpinned by sustainable values. Her humanistic business consulting and coaching is motivated by a vision of enriching consumer awareness and sharing education for making responsible choices based on socially and environmentally enduring principles. The foundation of her success is her holistic approach to life fulfillment, appreciating that achievement is not merely measured by financial prosperity, but by an interdependent achievement of balance, contentment, and health.

Karen James

Karen James is a purpose expert with a no-nonsense approach to igniting ethical transformation for organisations. Karen James believes it is time for a just change.

With over 30 years of engineering and business experience, Karen’s portfolio career has moved her from New Jersey to Europe to Asia to Australia. From fixing networks connecting to North Sea oil rigs to designing and implementing a 600-seat virtual service centre for the Commonwealth Bank Australia in 12 weeks, Karen is a ‘fixer’ and ‘doer’ who holds people at the heart of every service model she rolls out. Using these principles, she turned a $9M business into a $100M business early on in her career, and set the tone for her future in business: have a purpose, build the right culture, and bring in amazing leaders who are, above all, human.

This same approach reaped rewards when Karen later co-created a cross-cultural change program for the Commonwealth Bank. Partnering with The Hunger Project and McKinsey, she implemented a leadership lesson program based on the teachings of women in rural India. The program has directly changed the lives of business executives since, and its transformational ripple effect continues to make monumental changes to this day.

The real defining moment for Karen was personal, and it took place in her most recent role at the Commonwealth Bank. There she led the birth and growth of the Women in Focus network – a supportive community of over 10,000 businesswomen – built within three years, from scratch. Not only did Karen and her team prove that a corporate bank could develop more meaningful relationships with its community of clients, they also showed over 10,000 women that anyone who believes in themselves can have untold doors opened to them.

Rhiannon Tuntevski

Rhiannon Tuntevski is what you would consider a textbook Millennial. Entitled. Demanding. Self-focused and altruistic. And these are just some of her favourite things about her generation. Following a journey that saw her find a fierce purpose for her own life at an uncharacteristically young age, she's determined to flip the stigma on millennials and shed some light on how they can be some of the biggest superstars of our world.

After watching two close friends lose their life far too young, she has now made it part of her mission to inspire young people to get the most out of life, and inspiring business leaders alike to help fuel the purpose and careers of the young people in the workforce.

Having received the Australian Defence Force Award for Leadership, been a nominated attendee at the National Student Leaders Forum and Women in Leadership Symposium, and in her short career already held multiple people management roles, Rhiannon is a passionate and enthusiastic leader, determined to not let her age or the associated stigma attached get in her way. She has an infectious determination to see young people empowered to play to their strengths and to bust some of the myths that so frequently get held over the generation that in a number of years time is going to hold over half of the jobs in the global workforce.

Martyn Ryan

As founder and Executive Chairman it’s Martyn’s vision to create a single environment where the business community, employees and charities can connect for collective impact.

After 10 years as a management consultant to organisations such as Nestle, Hallmark, Johnson and Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline and QBE, Martyn has spent close to a decade as a technology start-up specialist. He is a natural business builder and pioneer, with a credible track history of delivering innovation to a range of industry sectors including state and federal government, property, financial services, travel and transportation.

His love is using the Internet as a way to bring like-minded people and communities together to affect sustainable change.

Gordon Renouf

Gordon Renouf is CEO and Co Founder of Good On You. Fashion brands rated for their impact on people, the planet and animals.

Gordon has a b1ackground as a lawyer, and has worked with community legal centres, Aboriginal Legal Aid, was the Director of Campaigns at CHOICE and has been involved in many social justice initiatives and organisations. He is currently Chair of the Board of Good Environmental Choice Australia, Deputy Chair of Justice Connect, Deputy Chair of the Consumers Federation of Australia, and represents consumers on several industry dispute schemes including the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

As the Director of Campaigns at CHOICE, Australia’s leading consumer organisation, Gordon realised most people wanted to make choices that are good for the world and the people in it. But for most consumers it’s difficult to take action. Together with others, Gordon founded Ethical Consumers Australia in 2011 with the vision of making it as easier to make ethical shopping choices. In 2014 Good On You was created to give people information they needed in one easy place.

Phil Preston

As the research manager responsible for $40 billion of investments, Phil helped his firm successfully position for the global financial crisis – a crisis caused by greed and short-term thinking.

It was around the same time he sought greater purpose in his own life and, in a now-or-never moment, he left corporate life to make a real difference in the way that businesses connect with the communities they operate in.

Phil became a pioneer of the shared value movement, where business embraces ‘purpose’ as a strategic weapon in improving performance and competitive advantage. It’s where profit and purpose go hand-in-hand rather than head-to-head.